Objectives of Business – 4 Important Objectives: Economic, Human, Organic and Social Objectives A business is an organisation of human, material and other intangible resources. It is established to offer satisfaction to its customers, owners, creditors, suppliers, employees, managers, shareholders. Let’s understand the three most fundamental principles in corporate finance which are- the investment, financing, and dividend principles. ... Corporate Finance Infographics: The objective of all businesses in corporate finance is to maximise value within the business. Corporate finance also includes the tools and analysis utilized to prioritize and distribute financial resources. The objective of maximizing the value of the corporation while minimizing the risk is the soul of corporate financial theory. A corporate financing committee develops policies concerning public … The primary objective of corporate finance is the maximization of shareholder value through the application of short-term and long-term strategies that assist companies in … Objectives of corporate finance. In addition to the business core learning goals and objectives, the finance program will allow graduates to: Apply the fundamental concepts and tools of finance. Apply financial management concepts and tools to the decisions faced by a manager in investment decisions. Corporate Financing Committee: A regulatory group that reviews documentation that is submitted by underwriters. The ultimate purpose of corporate finance is to maximize the value Value Added Value Added is the extra value created over and above the original value of something. Principles of Corporate Finance. The main objectives of corporate finance are: The capital structure of the company: with the analysis of the options and the studies of the decisions taken, it is sought to increase the capital of the company, so that it has a more sustainable economic situation.