H. Saikia and A. Lama, “Effect of Bougainvillea spectabilis leaves on serum lipids in albino rats fed with high fat diet,” International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research, vol. Antimicrobial activity of different solvent extracts of Bougainvillea spectabilis leaves were tested against Gram positive and Gram negative bacterial strains by observing the zone of inhibition. 141–145, 2011. 3, pp. List of various diseases cured by Bougainvillea Spectabilis. View at: Google Scholar Bougainvillea spectabilis is a long-lived perennial plant. In cultivation plants apparently start flowering 1 to 3 years after planting (Acevedo-Rodríguez, 2005; Fern, 2014; PROTA, 2018). Bougainvillea can be stored above freezing provided the compost is kept relatively dry but they will drop leaves Pruning and training Bougainvilleas require a trellis or pillar for support and can be trained as a standard and spur-pruned to restrict size. Bougainvillea spectabilis 'Hawaiian Torch' leaves with flowers further down the "spike" (branch) Photo by Matthew Gaston Bark and Trunk : Young green stems mature to a gristle brown-gray with small, frail thorns. In vitro comparative study of Bougainvillea spectabilis "stand" leaves and Bougainvillea variegata leaves in terms of phytochemicals and antimicrobial activity / Sardar Atiq Fawad, Nauman Khalid, Waqas Asghar, Hafiz Ansar Rasul Suleria / Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines, Vol … Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Bougainvillea Spectabilis. How Bougainvillea Spectabilis is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Although Bougainvillea spectabilis is a plant of the tropics, it can also grow in warm temperate and subtropical areas. Because of the astonishing beauty of it's flowers it has been distributed all around the world, grown in many gardens in warm regions and kept as houseplant wherever it is too cold. Environmental Requirements. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the qualitative analysis of phytochemicals and antibacterial activity of various solvent extracts of Bougainvillea spectabilis leaves. The stubby stalks of Bougainvillea spectabilis "Torch Glow" sport tiny thorns and tightly packed yellow-green leaves, with flowers gracing the tip of each stalk. Description. Names of Bougainvillea Spectabilis in various languages of the world are also given. Bougainvillea spectabilis is a shrubby climbing perennial plant native to South America.