Eighty-odd years later, the car audio market is the biggest it's ever been. The control unit is battery-powered, … If your car has a 3.5mm aux-in socket, it can connect to your FM radio through this, otherwise the DAB radio adaptor can convert the DAB radio … While most new cars now come with a DAB digital radio as standard, many used cars, and even some new ones, miss out. This aerial picks up DAB radio broadcasts and feeds these stations to your car’s existing FM radio and car speakers. It sounds fantastic. Not a single new car rolls off the production line without at least an AM/FM radio fitted, which is seen as one of the most basic staples a car can have. DAB, or Digital Audio Broadcast, is really a way of using radio … This car DAB radio adaptor is the best we’ve got our hands on. Luckily, there’s a competitive market for aftermarket DAB car radio … In-car DAB adapters are the easiest way to update the audio system in your car… The design is good as well, with the turning knob on the front making it very easy to use. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital radio is, on top of FM analogue transmission, a way of broadcasting radio via a network of terrestrial transmitters.