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How to get Engagement on Social Media Platforms ?

Social Media-A big hype these days, right! If you are nowhere on social media, you may be called old fashioned or ‘daadikejaamaneka’. So be it for this reason, or just for fun or to stay connected with friends, optimum population across the world is seen hooked to the social media platforms. Hence, it’s obvious that if you are a brand or a business you can reach maximum audience at the same time with ease. But the question is whether all the audience you reach really depict interest in your brand or is it that they care a damn. But don’t you forget, you can provoke them to take interest and develop a healthy engagement. Here a few ways to get engagement on Social Media Platforms and make your brand go viral:


Visual Magic

Attractive pictures and witty words catch up people’s attention. The visitors on social media love being treated with creativity. When they scroll through the social media interface they invest their time and effort to read a variety of posts at a rapid rate. So in such case unless you have an out-of-box or hilarious or captivating concept and picture they may not like it.

Monitoring Strategy

To enhance your social media engagement make sure that you monitor the users/visitors behavior. Like what time and which days prove to be beneficial for your posting. Whether you have maximum visitors in the morning or at night or on weekends. Depending on all these factors you can create a posting plan and reap successful engagement.

Interrogate Interestingly

Your followers love to hear from you and answer your questions provided your creativity makes them pause and look at it. When you ask any question, make sure that you support your question with appealing photos or graphics and options, also a giveaway, be it a discount voucher or gift card will work better to pull the crowd.

Current Events

Current events like be a cricket match or some festival like Halloween or Diwali interest the fans too. If you post statements or photos related to the current happenings, you may receive more response than usual. Talk about scores and teams, it will trend for sure.

Unique Contests

Contests are common on social media but creating them in a unique way and giving attractive prizes can derive more engagement. People should enjoy playing and winning both.

Raise a Social Cause

A social cause may not much help in promotion but many people do discuss and like to give their opinion about a social cause. This can help give a kind and aware brand label to your brand and derive shares and comments.

The best is to hand over your brand to some reliable social media company in mumbai and await results. They work in a planned manner, with a monthly set calendar and awesome strategies which can help boost your brand’s presence and achieve you more engagement on social media. When analyzing your brand and its audience the social media marketing professionals decide starting from which social media is best suited to make you brand reach your target audience to what content is best for which platform. Apart from this, they have excellent knowledge about social media optimization, hence they can optimize your keywords and enhance engagement on your social media sites.So if you wish to get engagement on social media platforms, do keep the above points in mind.